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There is very little movies I check on newgrounds because very little movies is really worth checking (although those are truly worth checking) and when I came across the name I really hoped for a unique story, no matter how animated. Animation is on OK level, I would say and I had a feeling as if it's definitely a vessel for telling a story rather than animation done for animation sake. And perhaps that's why I feel so disappointed as there is very, very little plot, girl character seems to have no identity whatsoever and the only emotional moment when kite gets away sounds too much like a forced experience and -- what is worse -- sounds damn close to one of moments in Adam Phillip's animations (mix of music and animation, to be more precise; I'm not sure which episode of his, perhaps "Waterlollies" but I'm not sure). That said I think it's rather mediocre and it lacks a lot. Although ,from the other hand I see some potential here and I like that something heading to original in drawing style or in palette. What I truly miss here is some sort of artistic expression, soul and heart behind the events and, of course, characters. Who are you, mr artist? This poor-looking, common, ordinary to the end girl? Hell, I haven't got a clue who you can be. And that saddens me because art is a vessel for expression of who we are and how we feel.


Very well-crafted. Well animated, regardless of junky style and well paired with music. Definitely a labour of love.
But from the other hand trailer is very much like almost everything Hollywood conceives nowadays plus "I have heard it before" music (not because of it being taken from some song).

It looks like a well-done introduction to odd entertainment but lacks in both originality and art.

Comick responds:

I have to disagree with you. Hollywood tries to keep animation in the kid's play room. You would never see this kind of art, subject matter, or plot made for an animation in a Hollywood studio. And they would clean up the trailer so there is not a tiny bit of blood haha. :) But thank you for seeing the work I put into my animation.

Oh well... :)

I'm usually totally not into this kind of things but... This one was a well-made witful parody with really fantastic use of simple pixel art, sounds and atmosphere. Congrats!

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Way too easy

Doesn't come as close to retro titles as it should.

Interesting :)

Interesting proposition for Valentine's Day.
The only thing I would do different here is to make the numbers of hearts to combine together equal to the number that has been broken in a level.

Great :)

Really great tutorial! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your time spent on making it.

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Wonderful, as always ^-^

Absolutely lovely. I feel like your relationship with the divine imagination flourishes :) Lots of love!

And please, oh please, drop the choirs all together ; ]

Bosa responds:


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Woooo :)

I very much love this one. There is something from your inner child in this picture and something from imagination that speaks to me gently but in a very convincing and seductive manner :)) Beautiful picture which makes me truly wonder what you plan to do with such interesting character. Any plans for a story or anything like that?

Just why not on...

...female breast? Would be so much more interesting :(

There is something amazing to it and that's not...

...the nudity. Wonderful take.

It's on my desktop already ^_~.

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